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Brain Gym Exercise on Distress State, Gender, and Cortisol in Students Nurse: a Clinical Trial

Living things would not escape from any stressors in their entire life. Either early adults or middle and old adults would undergo psychological distress that lead to any changes in their life cycles. Unexceptions of nurses and student of nurses, they have any respons to environment and cue with that. Academic state, becoming “nurse” role, and real facts about studying nursing made them feel occupied and unready. Students failed in some course subjects, having role strain, even withdrawl. Ineffective coping mechanism is assumed rely on these students.
This study investigated the role of brain gym exercise in affecting psychological distress changes in different terms and condition of Tanjungpura University’s students nurse. The measurements were stress respons and hormonal level-cortisol-which is the main player in central nervous system.
This study was a clinical trial with control group. Total subjects in this study was 61 for interventions group. The subject was student in nursing department, Tanjungpura University. Each students received 14 days brain gym exercise for 20 minutes each day. After exercise they were driven for cortisol test and stress respons. Collected demographic data included age and sex.
Datas were analyzed with Wilcoxon range test for intervention group and pair t-test for control group. There was a change for stress respon mean score before and after treatment. Mean score decreased from 16,33 to 15,52 in intervention group and cortisol level was in normal average 14,59 for intervention group. For gender state there was no difference between male and female students in cortisol level, both are in normal level.

Findings and Discussion:
As an nursing intervention for caring and manage distress, brain gym has role to decrease maladaptive of stress respon and encourage person to cope with the stressors. Brain gym exercise has role as one of pleasure therapy to lower psychological distress in adults.


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