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Effects of Oil Palm Shell Filler on Inception and Propagation of Electrical Treeing in Silicone Rubber Composite Material Under AC Voltage

There are many inhibitors of electrical treeing being used in polymeric insulation but none have studied on the use of low-cost organic filler to act as inhibitor to the growth of electrical trees. Therefore, this paper presents the study on the investigation of effect of filler on the initiation and propagation of electrical treeing in silicone rubber-oil palm shell composite material via leaf-like specimen being experimented in High Voltage Engineering Laboratory. The tree inception voltage and tree inception time for two types test samples; "with filler" and "without filler" were measured. The study shows that the average tree inception voltage for sample "with filler" and "without filler" was 8 kV and 7.5 kV respectively, whereas for the average tree inception time was 182 seconds and 137 seconds for sample "with filler" and sample "without filler" respectively. It was found that the tree propagation in the sample "with filler" was kind of retarded. More tree branches were observed in the sample with filler than its counterpart. Organic filler has great potentiality to be used as electrical tree inhibition. However, more studies are required to investigate the organic fillers' long term performance and comparative studies with inorganic fillers.


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